“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”- Dalai Lama XIV

Let’s close your eyes and imagine this picture…

One early morning, you slowly wake up by yourself … without an alarm …

You open your eyes and have a big smile on your face because you had a really good night sleep. When you look at the clock, you are surprised how early this is, but you don’t want to stay in bed any more because you are feeling super energise to do what you have planned for the day.

You wash up and have your breakfast. Then follow by your daily morning routine… meditation, yoga, writing, whatever makes you feel connected and centred.

Then you start to get ready for your day. You put on your favourite clothes and head out to work… feeling relax, calm and confident. You know that whatever is going to happen that day, you can take care of it and everything is well.

No stress, no rush, and most importantly, you love your life.


So…       How does this morning sound to you?

What if you deserve to always have your day starting just like that?

How would your feel?

…. Wait … I can hear you say, this is not possible for me.

So I want you to take a deep breathe in and ask yourself again…


If this is possible for me, how does it feel like?

How does my life look like if I am happy, energise, and enjoy every moment of my day?




girl in the forest


I want you to know that I understand how scary changes are…and even though the picture is nice, you are uncertain how to get there because you are far from it.

I know how painful is it to feel confused or stuck; How difficult it is to always stress about what’s next and how you can deal with the challenges in life. 

I also know that you have a lot on your plate and getting a life coach may be the last thing you have in mind to turn all these problems in life around.

I was once stuck in this dark place as well.


But here’s the thing… when you are swimming in the pool of fear, stress, always feeling lack and not being good enough…

you are constantly reacting and sabotaging everything around you…

and this may come from a belief that staying small and shrink in life will protect you, so that you can avoid being seen or judged.

But this is where the pain and tension on your shoulders come from. This is the cause of your headache, your frustration, the indigestion and even the anger outburst…



Let me ask you this … 

Is that how you want to live the rest of your life?

Keeping yourself invisible or in the dark?

How comfortable is it to want something more in life,

but at the same time, holding yourself back from your dream?



You are born with great ideas, creativity, and many more wonderous gifts and talents. 

You are meant to share them with people around you, to inspire them to live life to the fullness.

I know that serving, sharing and being kind to one another are very very important to you. 



So here’s how you do it…

You can open up to all the possibilities and abundance in life…

… and it is your birth right to be happy, joyful and abundance.

But first, it is your job to step out of the way and allow yourself to receive.

Book a coaching session with me, and let us help you find the courage to walk out this sticky place, and guide you to take the first step to let go of the past and create a new life that you ever dream of. 


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Give yourself the permission and a fair chance to become the magnificent person that you were meant to be.


Here’s what my clients would like to share …

“Carol is an amazing coach. She has a great sense of helping people with her knowledge and experience. She asks questions that help you to find soultions and your way, if needed. Thank you for making this world a better place.”

Iwona J. Fluda, Hong Kong



Our coaching relationship has been a surprise.

“Before working with Carol, I struggled with my own personality, my identity as a human being. In working with her, I discovered the buried me, the individual I was and am before marriage, before motherhood. I found the woman in me, who could love, who wanted to share love and give love. I learnt that I could be me, not just the person people expected me to be. After working with her I found that I had never changed, I had just forgotten who I was, and had been living according to other peoples expectations.

Already a strong character, Carol has taught me how to live with myself in a more peaceful and calm manner. She has also taught me to love myself as an individual. Our coaching relationship has been a surprise. I’m a discreet person and don’t like to talk about my personal life or history. I told Carol this at the very beginning of our coaching. But gently, and without pushing, she helped me deal with so many different issues, past as well as present and future. I have never opened up to anyone in my life as much as I was gently guided to open up with Carol.

As a Coach, Carol is ever so patient, understanding, unobtrusive and gentle. She has an inner kindness that once touched upon, is abundant. As coaching I believe that it is not just a job for her, but a passion, something she does with her heart. I truly feel she is gifted, it has been enlightening being coached by her.”

Catherine St Mart, Reunion


Carol is a very patient and experienced coach.

“Before working with Carol, I was stuck in my comfort zone which I believed it was the only safe place I could hide in the world. All the pains, negative thoughts, insecurity, helplessness, loneliness, self doubting, disappointment, confusion…etc are the only feeling I have. I struggled to make a change in my life even though I knew that it will be a dead end for me if I don’t. And hence I started the life coaching with Carol.

Carol is a very patient and experienced coach. She has the passion, energy and warmth that could spread around and boost me up, just like the sunshine in cloudy days. She gave me guidance and suggestions to help myself achieve my goals and targets, as well she is always there to support me gently.

After working with Carol, I have started to believe in myself, have the courage to step out from my comfort zone and dare to make changes. Now I can see that my life is different, comparing to the time before coaching. I have learnt to be conscious about the voices in my mind and how to stay balance in everyday lives.

I cannot appreciate Carol enough as my Coach. She brought me strength, love, support, back up and sense of security. Without her guidance, I am sure that I would still be submerging in my suffocating world of misery.”

Heidi Choi, Hong Kong



Invest in yourself and you will be surprised why you haven’t done this earlier…

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