How to create space to let your soul mate in?

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Whenever I think of this question…

this scene from Friends always comes to my mind and cracks me up.


messy girlfriend

I don’t know if any of you are a fan of of Friends, but in season 4, Ross’s new girlfriend seems nearly perfect until he discovers that her apartment is incredibly dirty.

He feels like he is dating a pig.

At the end, he has to break up with her, even though she is so hot…

It is hilarious, but true in some way.

I’m not saying that you are dirty and your apartment is as exaggeratedly messy. 


As human being, we tend to have habits to accumulate unnecessary things in our house.

After awhile, no matter how tidy you are, there are always clutters and things lying around.

Even the obsessive compulsive Monica has a secret messy closet.



You may wonder how does this affect your relationship?

If you want to receive love and abundance, you must be as open as possible to welcome it.

The thing is… when we have physical clutter in our apartment, especially in our bedroom, it directly reflects on the openness of our own energetic field.

Now there are many different layers of opening yourself up to receive,

… and today, we are just going to focus on the outer physical layer.

If you room is untidy, you are blocking yourself in some way.

May be it is caused by your mindset, mental blocks or limitation…

whatever it is, you don’t need to chase till the root cause of it. 

Just start with cleaning out your closet!




As much as you think you want a relationship, but if you are not mentally ready for it, your living environment will reflect it…

Just like when Adian moved in with Carrie in Sex and the City, and found out that there is no room for his clothes in her closet…it causes some drama and fight in that episode. 

Let say…. your soul mate shows up at your door right now, but you are energetically clogged…

what are the chances that he will feel welcome and comfortable to come into your life?

…. without having to watch his steps and trying to find a place to stand?

So organise your closet and your room can help you prepare yourself mentally and physically to welcome him into your life.



Just imagine you need to create some space in your closet for his clothes

… in case he stays over… wink  😉

How much space do you need to clear out?

If your closet is packed full of clothes, and you don’t even wear half of them anymore…

Do some spring cleaning and donate them to charity.

Clean your drawers, shelves, and even under your bed. May be there are papers lying around… create a filing system. Mark a date on your calendar to tidy up your room every month.



I have a habit to rearrange my furniture once every 3 months, just to shift energy around the house.

Even if the furniture won’t fit any other way, I tend to move them and clean out the dirt underneath my bed and the sofa, and put it back where it was.

So that I’m not hiding any dirt… pretending if I don’t see them, I don’t clean them.

All these movement allow you to shift your energy physically and mentally.

As your energy shift, you open new windows and door for new opportunities to show up.




More importantly, you are focusing on how you would like to feel and be if that person is in your life. Rather than focusing on not having a relationship and let yourself slump.

Try this exercise, clean up your living environment.

Leave me a comment and let me know how you feel afterward?

If a sense of clarity shows up, ask yourself, what can I do next in order to welcome my soul mate into my life?