Goddess of Nature


Goddess of Nature

“You reap what you sow; Your dream is coming to fruition”

The Angels are telling me that you have great ideas. Ideas to inspire and to serve yourself and others. 

You have taken the actions to plant the seeds of a project, venture or ideas at the beginning of the year, around March. Now it is time to reap the rewards. 

It’s just like how the Nature works. When you plant a seed in a pot and water it everyday, you trust that one day the seed will sprout. 

You can’t really control when and how it will happen, but you just KNOW that all you need to do is to give it enough water, sunlight and love. The rest will be taken care of by the nature and the Universe.

Same thing goes for your dream and desire. Your brilliant ideas, your wishes and dreams are this seed. You send it out by sharing the ideas with others; by taking practical actions toward your project; by loving and acknowledging your own hard work. Then this seed will sprout and surface through the hard layer of the soil.

Of course, sometimes there are doubts and worries. We may tend to control and force things to happen when it is not ready. Let that all go.  

This Angel card is telling us to trust The Law of Nature. Everything happens at the Divine Timing and it is time for you to receive the rewards.

You didn’t give up. You have kept going even though the path wasn’t easy. Just stop insisting, forcing or trying to control WHEN and HOW it should manifest. Let the nature and the Universe to do its job. 

The Angels want to congratulate you for your dedication, hard work and courage. 

The rewards can be prosperity, love, healing or just simply clarity and remembering who you are as a powerful, creative being. 

When you start to see the result, even if it’s a small one, don’t be discouraged to think that the Universe is not giving you what you want. Enjoy every small steps along the way and you will soon realise that success actually doesn’t come as one big grant thing or event. It is actually the result of every single steps and actions along the way that add up together as whole. Give thanks and be grateful.

I’m super excited for you as your dream is coming to fruition. Please share in the comment with me about what comes up for you and how you celebrate it.

Love x


* The angel card deck I used “Angels, Gods, and Goddess” from Toni Carmine Salerno.