• Intuitive Angel Message
  • Comfort


    This week, I feel that the feminine energy is very strong. Feminine energy had been suppressed for thousands of years and now, it is slowly raising up. We have been unbalanced and tilted on one side for far too long. Now the shift is happening. It is time to balance between the masculine and the […]

  • Love & Compassion
  • What single women struggle with…

    girl at subway

    With huge amount of social pressure and prejudice against single women out there, many of them are willing to just settle for a less satisfying relationship and stay away from people’s judgement. “There must be something wrong with her if she couldn’t find a man at this certain age.”  I had heard this judgement from […]

  • Intuitive Angel Message
  • Goddess of Justice


    When I woke up this morning, I asked myself what is the one thing that I could share with you all today. I was guided to draw an Angel card and share this message with you.     The card, GODDESS OF JUSTICE, comes out and the message is: “what seems an injustice is actually […]

  • Meditation
  • Why the energy feels so crazy lately?

    A photo by David Cohen. unsplash.com/photos/Tpy8bl8Io-I

    Have you noticed the energy has been very heavy lately? The truth is, the energy is very dense and tense up in the air. It has been contracting and tightening non-stop for a long period of time. It feels like we are on a wire tightener, and we have been wiring in and getting tighter and […]

  • Joy & Fun
  • Dare to Dream…


    Have Fun, Gain Clarity, and Set Intention to  live your dream life.   It is time to … STOP letting others define what you can or can not do. Give yourself PERMISSION to ask for what you want. Start to use your MAGIC to manifest the dream life you deserve. Come to create your own vision […]